Mustangserver 0.8.1

Mustangserver 0.8.1

On Saturday, May 6th, along with the successful completion of our server maintenance we released a new version of Mustangserver, 0.8.1, which allows you to choose the PDF/A-Version of the PDF->PDF/A-conversion:

When we tested that feature in cooperation with a customer we sometime saw significantly smaller output file sizes when exported to PDF/A-3 instead of PDF/A-1, in one particular case even a reduction of 87%.

Additionally we improved logging, e.g. with a default logging config #29. And Mustangservers upgrade to Mustang 2.7.0 allowed the validation and creation of XRechnung 2.3, which will become mandatory as of August 2023. The
reading(=parsing) of XR 2.3 is backward compatible anyway.

We recently conducted a small survey which features you would like to see in Mustangserver.

The most requested feature was the ability to visualize (i.e. convert into HTML).
This has now been prepared by feeding our know-how we gained with Quba back into
Mustang 2.7.0.
Apart from being able to create HTML from UBL input (invoice and credit memo) this
includes french and english tranlations and the codelist attribute lookup, i.e.
instead of 15 “H87″s of an item you will see 15 “Piece(H87)” of that item.
Also prepared in Mustangproject was the ability to extract data into
existing invoice objects, which may air in 2.7.1 and allow Mustangserver to
extend the Invoice object currently returned in it’s parse method.

At least the visualization, maybe even the subclass feature will be used in the next Mustangserver version.