Mustang 2.11.0

Yesterday, May 22nd 2024 we released version 2.11 of our cross platform e-invoicing library/validator/tool Mustangproject.


  • EN16931 validation 1.3.12 codelists v11 #357
  • Fonts removed #358
  • invoice’s getSender/getRecipient() now return tradeparty no IZUGFeRDExportableTradeParty
  • #314 ZUGFeRDInvoiceImporter additional constructor


  • InvoiceImporter UBL to also parse contacts and other UBL improvements
  • (first) IBAN is now parsed into sender’s getBankDetails
  • Gross price removed if equal net / surrendered to XRechnung 3
  • compromises, e.g. no longer put gross amount if it does not deviate from net

New features

  • ZUGFeRDImporter to also accept xml files (previously that needed to be run through XMLImporter)
  • Xrechnungimporter to also read from filename, inputstream
  • Support inputstreams
  • be able to programmatically access validation messages
  • added cash discount write support (new class, previously only possible for XRechnung, not ZF Extended, using a manually encoded setPaymentTermDescription)