Mustang was originally implemented in Java but as of April 2022 there is also a version in .net. It is open source, AGPL-licensed and part of the Mustang subscription.

It will not support ZUGFeRD version 1 and no validation, and for the time being it does not yet support Order-X, Allowances/Charges, Embedded files, corrected invoices, credit notes or references e.g. to shippings, contracts or other documents. But we need your feedback what you require.

And it does support XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2 and Factur-X and arbitrary PDF input, so you can even use it if you don’t even have a PDF/A-document.

The conversion from PDF into PDF/A-3 can also be used separately.

Internally, the PDF/A-3-functionality is based on Ghostscript, for a commercial use a commercial Ghostscript-license may be required. can be used quite similar to Mustang+Java:

using org.mustangproject;
using System.IO;
using java.math;
		Invoice i = (new Invoice()).setDueDate(DateTime.Now).setIssueDate(DateTime.Now).setDeliveryDate(DateTime.Now).setSender((new TradeParty("Test company","teststr","55232","teststadt","DE")).addTaxID("DE4711").addVATID("DE0815").setContact(new Contact("Hans Test","+49123456789","")).addBankDetails(new BankDetails("DE12500105170648489890","COBADEFXXX"))).setRecipient(new TradeParty("Franz M├╝ller", "teststr.12", "55232", "Entenhausen", "DE")).setReferenceNumber("991-01484-64").setNumber("123").
		addItem(new Item(new Product("Testprodukt", "", "C62", new BigDecimal(19)), new BigDecimal("1.0"), new BigDecimal("1.0")));

		ZUGFeRD2PullProvider zf2p = new ZUGFeRD2PullProvider();
		System.Text.UTF8Encoding encoding = new System.Text.UTF8Encoding();

		string outfilename="xrechnung.xml";
                File.WriteAllBytes(outfilename, zf2p.getXML());

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