XML converted to french HTML

Mustang 2.7.0

In todays (2023-04-17) release of version 2.7.0, Mustang has learned from our invoice viewer Quba and can now
– convert Factur-X/XRechnung CII XML to HTML with different output languages (english and french is now possible, previously its was only german)
– this now also works with UBL XML input (invoice, credit memo)
– it also revolves codelists, instead of e.g. type “380” you will see “380 (commercial invoice)”

Mustang 2.6.2 “Happy Easter”

In todays (2023-04-06) “Happy Easter” release of Mustang 2.6.2 it is now also possible to build the software on Linux: it was always running and embeddable in Linux (as it is on Windows and Mac) but it now also builds there, if required. Which also fixes it’s Github action, which performs automatic tests on pull requests.

The B2G (read: EN16931) validation was improved by upgrading the CEN schematron to v1.3.9 and Mustang can now read, write and validate XRechnung 2.3 (mandatory in Germany as of August). Additionally there was also a small correction for B2G in France by being able to define when VAT collection becomes applicable (issue #309).

As always, the command line version of Mustang can be downloaded from this website.