Mustangserver 0.5.0, Quba 1.2.0

Version 1.2.0 of the free e-invoice-viewer Quba, published today, September 26th, 2022, continues to work offline, but can now also connect to Mustang Server, to validate invoices, confirming their syntactical and mathematical correctness.

The September release “Version 0.5” of Mustang Server was already published on Saturday, September 24th. Additionally to it’s own validator, it adds support for the Open-Source PHIVE validation engine, useful e.g. for UBL and Peppol invoices. As regards future planning, a PDF to PDF/A conversion feature is expected in October and a native integration of OAuth2 (currently available via it’s API Management) is expected for November.

Mustang 2.5.6

Mustangproject version 2.5.6, released today, September 22nd 2022, adds some Javadoc documentation and removes a unneccessary dependency.

Mustang 2.5.5

Mustangproject 2.5.5, published on 2022-09-19, updates a library necessary for the validation of electronic invoices (ph-schematron).

Mustang 2.5.4

Mustang 2.5.4, published on 2022-09-01 allows to simultaneously specify IDs and global IDs and improves the Invoiceimporter.