Quba 1.3.0

Today, June 29th, 2023, we released version 1.3.0 of our e-invoice viewer Quba.

Apart from the usual credit note type in invoice documents, still the only way how credit notes are done in the data formats “Cross Industry Invoice” (CII), this release now also supports the dedicated “Universal Business Language” (UBL) credit note root element (issue #24). Plus Quba now works better when attempting to open multiple files from outside the application (issue #25).

Quba is a open source stand alone application for Windows, Linux and Mac, which can be downloaded on it’s website. Apart from UBL and CII (XRechnung and the like) it supports side-by-side-visualization of Factur-X/ZUGFeRD documents. It may check for online updates but unless explicit consent has been granted (e.g. because documents are to be validated) it works offline, so your invoices won’t leave your computer. While Mustangproject so far focussed at least on semi-professional users, while Quba is ideal for end users.

The close relationship in the open source ecosystem not only shows in knowledge transfer (example) between “our” two applications but also in the fact that Quba extended an amendmend of a project called Open XRechnung Toolbox to the original Kosit XSLT visualization transformations. The response of the leading german associations to the request of the german government if mandatory Business-to-business (B2B) e-invoicing was possible by 2025 (developments and link to original request, as well as to their reply) could have mentioned the Open XRechnung Toolbox, but in particular might have rather ment Quba than Mustangproject in their footnotes. Otherwise the reponse was very interesting, scrutinizing the ambitious date and called for a free-to-use-solution, which, we would like to add, seems particularly important in the light that mandatory B2B e-invoices also implies a de-facto obligation to german digital invoice archival rules GoBD.

Mustang 2.7.3

Mustang 2.7.3 was released today, 2023-06-16 and adds three attributes in the parser to the invoice class (Issue 328, SpecifiedTradeProduct/SellerAssignedID, SellerOrderReferencedDocument/ram:IssuerAssignedID and BuyerOrderReferencedDocument/ram:IssuerAssignedID)

Mustangserver 0.8.2

Mustangserver 0.8.2 was released on 2023-06-10, which upgraded internally to Mustang 2.7.2 and parses invoices better.

Mustangserver provides technology-independent network access to the functionality of the open-source e-invoicing solution Mustang, which focusses on functionality for Factur-X/ZUGFeRD, Order-X and XRechnung.

Mustang 2.7.2

Version 2.7.2 of the open-source Java e-procurement library Mustangproject now also understands BasisQuantity in the import and in classes and not only in it’s interface and allows programmatic access also on validation results and not only on the final validation XML-report.