Mustangserver planned maintenance February

On Saturday, February 26 we performed the scheduled February maintenance on our Mustangserver REST API which included the following:

  • We moved the VM to a physically different (newer, bigger) server in a different data centre of the same provider, of course remaining in Germany. You should not even notice the change, although you may notice and resolve to a new IP address.
  • There is now a manual for Mustangserver 0.8.0, adding the brief description how to write Order-X files
  • We now use the host system firewall, which should give us more security

additionally, in the past weeks

  • we renewed our SSL server certificate
  • Quba’s validation feature was unfixed from 0.7.0 and now always uses the most up to date version
  • we shut down Mustangserver versions prior to 0.8.0
  • we performed a usability test on the Mustangproject homepage, had the obligatory data protection awareness training for our employees and we
  • further improved monitoring: apart from monitoring our infrastructure (i.e. network, system, and the API server) we now also monitor the Mustangserver process

We will most likely do some un-down-timish updates in the meantime, e.g. Mustangserver 0.8.1 will be released in the near future and support to convert from plain PDF to PDF/A-3. It will be an additional parameter which will be backward compatible. PDF/A-3 files can be surprisingly smaller than PDF/A-1 ones.

If all goes well there will be no scheduled maintenance neccessary for March or April. Unless otherwise communicated the next scheduled maintenance with a small downtime will take place on Saturday, May 6th, 2023, again from 15:00-16:00 CET. The reason is yet another SSL certificate update which requires us to restart the API management process.

Mustang 2.6.1

Today, February 13th, 2023 we released Mustang 2.6.1 with the following

New Features

  • allow prepaid amount in invoice class
  • allow Bank credentials without BIC

Corrections for small profiles

  • allow minimum profile without delivery date

“Systemic corrections”

  • return error code not only on validation but also on recursive directory validation
  • toolchain.xml now only required on `mvn release:release` not already on `mvn package`
  • upgraded dependencies jackson-databind from to 2.14.2 and xmlunit-assertj from 2.9.0 to 2.9.1

Mustangserver 0.8.0

Today, Monday, February 6th 2023, we published version 0.8.0 of our e-invoicing REST API service Mustangserver.

It adds support for reading and writing orders in Order-X using the format code “ox” in the operations invoice2xml, parse and extract. invoice2xml writes and parse reads JSON data for which the same structure like for invoices is used.

The validation of Order-X files using Mustangserver was already previously available.

Order-X is the sister format to Factur-X, while in Factur-X, invoices, corrections and credit memos can be expressed in a both human and machine readable way, Order-X does the same for orders. Currently the most recent version 1 of Order-X supports the profiles Basic, Comfort and Extended.