Mustangserver 0.6.0

Mustangserver 0.6.0

Saturday, October 8th, we published the new functionality announced for October in a new endpoint, “PDF”, to create PDF/A-1 files from any input PDF provided. These can be plain PDFs, or even PDF/A-1 or PDF/A-3 files.

This re-renders the vector graphics in the PDF so it should actually work from any input PDF. Rumours have it that there can only be issues with class-1 fonts: Feel free to send me samples. A good validator to check the output is e.g. VeraPDF.

Of course all pages will be converted but embedded files will be stripped, so if you want to update the XML structure of an existing Factur-X PDF you can pass that in and afterwards perform another combine operation.

First subscription

Please note that despite we’re still in beta this is not a reason not to subscribe for the commercial support (500 Eur/year), actually we were able to welcome our first customer last week. We’ll shortly go live with details and a dedicated page to subscribe for commercial support. Please note that at the end of the beta, only users with commercial support will be provided access to the live system.